What To Get For A Baby?

Posted on April 18, 2012

With such a large variety of great products out there, the decision making process could be very difficult and confusing for a family member or a friend trying to buy a gift for the special new arrival. We wanted to help you find a baby gift that is both useful and appropriate to the age and development of the growing baby.

What to get for a baby at birth:
This stage is very overwhelming for any new parent, so a gift that could help organize all the appointments and medical records that come with having a new baby, is great gift. Our first recommendation is a Health Journal, this will help parents keep track of everything from feedings to vaccinations and everything in between. It’s not only for the new baby but it can also be used for the whole family and future babies to come. Sleep is another very important aspect in a new babies routine and is essential for a happy mom and dad too, so our next recommendation is Swaddles.  Swaddles are designed for babies up to 14 Lbs. They are used like a wrap that will hold the baby nice and tight mimicking the womb and allowing baby to sleep without being woken up by moving arms and legs. This also means sleep for mom and dad, and more sleep means more fun at play time. Our final recommendation is the Lamaze -  Garden Bug Hand and Foot Finder, These little socks and wrist rattles help teach baby where their hands and feet are and also promotes hand and eye coordination, the perfect gift for a new little bundle of joy.

Image                                                    Image

         Health Journal                                                                                       Swaddle

What to get for a baby at 3 Months?
As parents and babies begin to settle into a routine, many family members and friends will start to come and visit the baby at home. This is the next stage in the babies life and buying gifts for the little one is still as hard as before. As their stages progress and new milestones are met, the development of the baby is what to keep in mind. Our first recommendation for babies that are 3 months old, are teethers. Teethers come in a wide variety of colours and styles, gel filledwater filled, teething blankets and many more. Just choose the style you like the best and it will be a gift that is used for many years. Another great product for this age is the Bumbo – Baby Sitter, this seat allows small babies that are still too top heavy to sit in a chair that keeps them in an upright position without falling over the side or out of the chair.  The Bumbo will also teach your baby to sit without the use of a chair. These great features make this our second choice for a great gift that parents and baby will enjoy. Finally sleep. Our third recommendation is sleepsacks. Sleepsacks or grobags are the next step after swaddles, they can be used anywhere from birth to about 5 years of age and come in a variety of colours and fabrics to suit your baby and the seasons. They feature a large zipper for easy changing and a lot of space for baby to kick and move once they are big enough. Sleep keeps parents and babies happy so anything that can make sleep easy is a must have gift.

Ergo Pouch                                                                                                   Bumbo Baby Sitter

What to get for a baby at 6 Months?
By the time the baby is 6 months old, a routine has been established and the baby is well on its way to moving around and making noise, but talking is still a while away. A novel and exciting way to teach your baby to communicate before speaking is through sign language. This is our next recommendation. Companies all over the world now manufacture books, flashcards, and place mats that all promote the baby to use sign language when they want something. This is a great way to communicate and if it is kept up throughout their life, it is a great tool. Keeping baby occupied may be more of a challenge as they start to get older so our second recommendation is an exersaucer. These revolutionary baby seats allow for 360 degree rotation with toys all around. They get baby standing on their feet and ready to start walking. As the baby learns to stand and sit alone, bathing becomes an issue, making our final recommendation inflatable bath tubs. These tubs will inflate and fit in a bath tub giving the baby a secure area for bathing where they will be cushioned. Inflatable bath tubs are a great transition from a baby tub to the big kid tub and will be used for a long period of time.

Exersaucer                                                                                                Sign Language Book

What to get for a baby at 9 Months?
At 9 months babies are usually learning to walk and talk and are at the stage where it all starts to make sense to them. Babies learning to walk can take a toll on any caregivers back. So our first recommendation is Walking Wings, this great product attaches around the babies upper body, has two long straps to hold and keeps mom or dad walking upright so there is not so much strain on their backs. Walking Wings can help any parent make teaching your baby how to walk easy and painless. Talking is the next step, this takes a lot of hard work and repetition when teaching any baby to speak, it really is an ongoing process that takes many years to complete. Therefore our second recommendation is going to be the ChiccoTalking Cube, this toy will teach your children letters, colours and shapes while also allowing baby to have fun and play. A developing baby needs proper nutrition and feeding your baby healthy and safe food is very important. Most parents today enjoy making their babies’ food. So our final recommendation is the Beaba Babycook and baby cook books. These offer many different options, recipes and healthy alternatives for any developing baby.







Walking Wings                                                                                                Beaba Baby Cook

What to get for a baby at 12 Months?
At a year old, most children have a ton of energy. Gifts that will help to keep them going and burn off some energy are great. Toys, feeding products, and nap time make the world go round for babies at this stage. Our first recommendation is the AlexTrampoline. This toy will help to burn off some of that extra energy  while it is still safe and has a bar for the child to hold onto while jumping.  Snack time is a staple in any growing baby’s day, and parents know that the plate or bowl doesn’t always stay on the table making the Snack Trap the perfect container for feeding both at home and on the go. It’s spill-proof and can be thrown without all the snacks falling out, making it the perfect gift for any baby.







Alex – Trampoline                                                               Snack Trap