Nautical Diaper Bags

Posted on April 2, 2015

new diaper bags

Diapers go in my nautical diaper bag but what else? Very stylish nautical bags, The Admiral and The First Mate. Plenty of storage and I can be washed but air dried.

bff admiral


bff fmate               The Admiral                                                                        The First Mate

Winter to Spring

Posted on March 19, 2015

rain  The snow is melting, the Celsius scale is rising. Winter is washing away. Less indoors and more outdoors. As the kids want to venture outside to play keep them happy and keep them safe. Now is the time to secure the doors and windows for your child.
Moving in and out, the door gets used a lot. Make sure you know who is entering and exiting. The more mobile they are the greater a child’s curiosity for the outdoors becomes. Installing door locks prevents them from quickly getting outside. Also protective products that get placed in door hinges help prevent little fingers from getting closed in doors. There are a variety of products on the market.
When they thirst for a glass of water make sure even their water is safe.Safety Superstore has products that indicate the presence of deadly diseases in water. There are test kits to analytically find the presence of colonies in water. When thirst’s have been quenched head outside for more play.
Walking up and down streets a lot of driveways are decorated with children’s drawings and children playing all safely behind a driveway guard. Explore more of the outdoors from the front yard to the back yard where a child is outdoors but safely guarded inside a play yard.
Decorate your backyard. Make it pretty and make it safe. You may want to put out patio furniture or get your pool ready. Protect the edge of chairs and tables. Safety Superstore has a wonderful variety of corner guards and cushions.
Preparing that pool? There’s a lot of water involved. Prevent that curious child from slipping in. Safety Superstore has a very neat product called Safety Turtle, a bracelet is worn and when there is water contact, an alarm is sounded.
Yes, the snow is disappearing, the temperature is rising. Curious kids are venturing out to explore and play. Let them enjoy and let them be kept safe, let Safety Superstore help.