Baby Buddy

Bottle Wand Bottle Brush
Bottle Wand Bottle Brush Baby Buddy EB150If only our hands could fit in the bottle..." Better than a brush, our Bottle Wand will reach every corner, bend and curve to make sure a clean bottle is ready for baby's next feeding. Hang to dry.
Closet Organizers
Closet Organizers Baby Buddy 185Five clothing separators to organize your child's closet. With dozens of labels for "Newborn" to "Size 8". Blanks are also included. As your child grows, remove the labels for smaller sizes and replace with new labels for larger sizes. Your little one's closet can soon become a jumble of clothing in many different sizes... with these organizers you will no longer discover that darling ou...
Crust Cutter - Perfectly Crustless Sandwiches
Crust Cutter - Perfectly Crustless Sandwiches Baby Buddy EB153Perfectly Crustless Sandwiches Crust Cutter is the best thing since sliced bread! It quickly and easily removes crust from bread perfectly every time. The product is also top-rack dishwasher safe.
Deluxe Security Harness
Deluxe Security Harness Baby Buddy 170+This harness has a multitude of uses! It not only keeps children safely seated in a shopping cart, stroller, or high chair, it also keeps older children nearby while walking in crowded public places. The four-piece set includes an adjustable harness, two chair restraint straps, and an adjustable length tether strap. For ages 9 months and up. Tether strap is 40".
Pacifier / Toy Holder
Pacifier / Toy Holder Baby Buddy 100+Our original pacifier holder is designed to provide a safe method for securing a pacifier or small toy, preventing it from being dropped or lost. It has a three-dimensional bear and broad selection of fashionable ribbon colors. A durable metal clip attaches securely to baby's clothing, car seat cover or stroller.
Safe-T-Shapes Bath Appliques
Safe-T-Shapes Bath Appliques Baby Buddy EB15+Make bath time a fun experience! Attractively decorate your tub and shower floor while providing a great safety feature for your child. Easy to apply.
Secure-A-Toy 2 Pk.
Secure-A-Toy 2 Pk. Baby Buddy 150+Attach your child favourite toys to carseats, strollers, highchairs. Keeps toys close at hand... they will no longer fall to the ground! Adjustable length!
Toddler Tether
Toddler Tether Baby Buddy 160+Durable tether, constructed of 3/4" wide polypropylene webbing, will keep children safely nearby in crowded public places. It features a quick and easy wristband adjustment that is more comfortable and more secure than hook and loop fasteners.
WedgEZ Outlet Plug Remover
WedgEZ Outlet Plug Remover Baby Buddy EB154Why didn't I think of that!" is the most common reaction from Moms and Dads after using WedgEZ The Outlet Plug Remover. Gone are the days of chipped finger nails or using butter knives, because this handy tool helps parents to easily and safely remove ANY child safety outlet plug. Built-on clips allow you to attach WedgEZ to your vacuum cord for fast access when you need it. Package includes 6 pla...