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Mom Inventors TP Saver
Mom Inventors TP Saver Mom Invented M101TP Saver is a safe and easy-to-use device that prevents small children or pets from unrolling the toilet paper into an unusable heap on the floor. TP Saver slips into place without having to remove the paper from the holder. It's easy for an adult or older child to unlock and use when needed. Small children or pets are limited to pulling one sheet at a time off the roll. It also works well for pot...
Sippy Straw Cleaner
Sippy Straw Cleaner Mom Invented 30081-24BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free Have you tried to tackle the never ending battle of cleaning out the curdled milk or molded apple juice from your children's sippy and adult straws? You know the routine - toothpicks, pipe cleaners, Q-tips, even small paintbrushes ... always with minimal success. Now that struggle is over! You can be confident that the straws are completely clean for you and your childr...
Toilet Tank Potty Hook
Toilet Tank Potty Hook Mom Invented 565-24Mom Invented provides practical solutions. With its universal size, this Mom Invented Potty Hook holds most potty seats to keep your bathroom clutter-free. Shop our full line of children's accessories at "Potty Hook" graphics add whimsical charm. Details: 4"H x 1.125"W x 2.33"D For ages 18 to 48 months Hand wash Model no. 565