Rhino Toys Rhino Toys, Inc. is a Santa Cruz, CA, toy manufacturing company that was founded by David Silvergate and his wife, Suzanne, in 2001. Rhino Toys already has more than 700 specialty retail stores through which it sells Oball (aka “the tubeworm tag”). The company debuted two additional aerodynamic toys at a Toy Fair 2003.

4" OBall Rattle
4" OBall Rattle Rhino Toys KII-81031It’s catchy! This flexible, bendable ball will quickly become baby’s favorite toy. Features: 32 finger holes make this ball easy for baby to grasp Smooth, flexible patented design makes the Oball™ soft and captivating for little hands Perfect for kids of all ages Additional Features: 4" diameter Assortment of 4 colours, each sold separately
6" Beebo - Handheld Bead Play
6" Beebo - Handheld Bead Play Rhino Toys KII-81501This toy offers engaging handheld bead play for your baby! Features: Spindles make it easy for baby to grasp and play Colorful beads are fun and make clickety-clack sounds that encourage baby to explore and learn as well as stimulate their vision
O Ball - Football
O Ball - Football Rhino Toys KII-81073The Everybody Ball on the Gridiron! The Oball Football is the easiest ball to catch, hold, throw, hit, kick and punt. Durable with specially designed finger holes and O-style Lacing, the Oball Football is the most fun football ever! Ages 1+. COLOURS MAY VERY
O Link
O Link Rhino Toys KII-81055Keep baby’s favorite toys within reach wherever you go! Features: Flexible strap attaches easily to baby's favorite on-the-go toys Colorful link attaches easily to toy bars, carriers, strollers, etc.
OBall Anyway Stacker
OBall Anyway Stacker Rhino Toys KII-81106 Encourage creative thinking and practice fine motor skills with the Oball Anyway Stacker. Five uniquely shaped, brilliantly colorful Oball stacking pieces fit together any way your baby chooses. Watch your baby use cognitive skills and imagination to confidently grasp and maneuver the perfectly sized pieces in this ingenious stacking toy. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Ages 6 mos. and up. M...
OBall Linky Loops
OBall Linky Loops Rhino Toys KII-81506The perfect set for linking, grasping and teething! Soft, flexible material make the 12 Linky Loops™ easy to attach to carriers, diaper bags, strollers and more. Oball™ captivates a child’s attention with geometric designs, tactile materials and a bold spectrum of colors. The unique design of Oball™ toys spark a child’s inquisitive nature to explore and play, and quickly become favorites for the e...
Oball Rattle
Oball Rattle Rhino Toys KII-81035This is an oball with a twist! The rattle ball inside makes fun sounds when thrown or rolled. Color varies. Can be gripped and rattled very easily, making it a great toy for every baby. Additional information: Dimensions: 6" Diameter Ball
OBall Roller
OBall Roller Rhino Toys KII-81091This easy-to-hold and easy-to-push roller makes walking fun and exciting. The ball has a rattle inside that makes fun sounds when used. Color varies.
OBall Sliding Spirals Chaser
OBall Sliding Spirals Chaser Rhino Toys KII-81509Sliding, spiraling fun! This floor toy offers multi-textured, colorful beads to slide and bend. The spindles can be flexed for additional play. The entertaining clacking sounds are sure to captivate and stimulate baby! Oball™ captivates a child’s attention with geometric designs, tactile materials and a bold spectrum of colors. The unique design of Oball™ toys spark a child’s inquisitive nature to...
Soccer Ball
Soccer Ball Rhino Toys KII-81145Perfect for active play, kids will love kicking and throwing this uniquely designed Soccer Ball! Features: Smooth, flexible plastic makes this Oball™ Soccer Ball one of a kind Easy for little hands to grasp Perfect for kids who love active play