Bird Whistles
Bird Whistles Kido K10381Chirp a tune with this colorful bird whistle that will please every young bird watcher. This pleasant noisemaker will a little outdoor adventure to any goody bag. Available in an assortment of Red, Blue and Green.
Cage Bell
Cage Bell Halilit MP34112A safe bell for small hands Excellent bright sound.
Click and Clack Hedgehog
Click and Clack Hedgehog Skip Hop 303150-3Click Click Clack – Twist to find the mirror! Little hands stay busy as they twist and turn this cute character to discover a hidden mirror. Featuring soft teethers and colorful rattle beads, little ones engage in sensory development and practice motor skills as they play.
Explore & More Musical Instrument Set
Explore & More Musical Instrument Set Skip Hop 303253-4 Everything mini musicians need to start a band! Just the right size for little hands, this instrument set features a Bee shaker drum, Fox tambourine and Bee clacker for ultimate self-expression. Get ready to rock! Ages 6m+ Bee shaker drum with rattle beads Fox tambourine with jingle bells Bee clacker with flexible wings Easy for little hands to hold PVC-fre...
Giraffe Safari - Crocodile Xylophone
Giraffe Safari - Crocodile Xylophone Skip Hop 184300Eight unique notes line the croc’s back, allowing little ones to make music with this activity-filled friend. Hear his mouth click and clack as this rockin’ reptile is pulled along the floor! Ages 18m+ Xylophone with eight notes Pull-toy too!—pull with attached mallet Paints & finishes non-toxic, child safe High quality wood, all new materials Products comply w...
Hedgehog Accordian
Hedgehog Accordian Skip Hop 303252-3 Musical fun for little ones! This whimsical woodland creature is sure to engage your little one’s imaginations with hours of musical play. Designed with easy-to-grab handles, it’s perfect for little hands. Your baby will delight in discovering a range of unique tunes as they push and pull the soft rubber accordion. This adorable character features vibrant colors, movable beads and rubberize...
Maracas Halilit MPB369Helps children to learn: - Fine Motor Skills - Listening Abilities - Sense of Rhythm - Creativity Colour's may vary
Maracas: Red
Maracas: Red Kido K10447Explore the shaking rhythm of the maraca. Sized perfectly for young musicians, this set of two encourages creativity and independent growth within toddlers, as they start to decode vast ranges of sounds.
Maracito Halilit MP36524Helps children to learn: - Have great imagination - Listening Abilities - Fine Motor Skills - Creativity Colour's may vary
Mini Rainmaker
Mini Rainmaker Halilit MP201-16Perfect for babies and young children. Features prism effect cylinder. Simply turn this colourful Mini Rain maker over, to watch & hear the “rain” fall. 20.5cm high.
Mozart Magic Cube
Mozart Magic Cube Munchkin 03106-6Music to your ears. Inspire creativity and interactive play with The Mozart Magic Cube, making your little one the composer of his own symphonies. At one point or another, every parent has experienced a particularly loud and headache-inducing toddler toy. But believe it or not, there are toys that make beautiful music too. Perfect for all ages, the award-winning, newly redesigned Mozart Magic ...
Musical Owl Phone
Musical Owl Phone Skip Hop 303200-3 Whoo’s that on the phone? Babies will love exploring sounds and listening to a melody. Look, listen, and learn as the textured buttons play 10 different sounds. Little ones will love discovering which buttons hoot, chime, and play a melody.
Pull A Tune Xylophone
Pull A Tune Xylophone Fisher-Price A musical favorite since 1957, Pull-A-Tune xylophone lets young children delight in the sound of music. Encouraging early music-making helps children develop a sense of accomplishment. And the xylophone is an easy way to do just that! The mallet is attached, so it never gets lost. And it’s on wheels, so kids can pull it along wherever they go!
Retro - Change-a-Tune Piano
Retro - Change-a-Tune Piano Fisher-Price 1706-6Since its introduction in 1969, the Change-a-Tune Piano has been a childhood favorite. Turn the dial on the side of the piano and tap the keys to play along with one of the three classic tunes, "Pop! Goes the Weasel," "This Old Man" or "The Muffin Man." Product Dimensions (inches): 7.5 (L) x 8 (W) x 5 (H) Age: 12 months and up
Retro - Chatter Telephone
Retro - Chatter Telephone Fisher-Price 1694-6Preschoolers love to chat on the phone-and this classic roll-along pull-toy with a friendly face, and eyes that move up and down when the toy is pulled along makes it even more fun!
Retro - Music Box Record Player
Retro - Music Box Record Player Fisher-Price 1697-6First introduced in 1971, the Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player has brought music to children's ears for generations. Place one of the five double sided records on the turntable, wind it up and place the needle on the record to hear the classic music box rendition of ten timeless melodies. The records store conveniently inside the record player and the carry handle allows children to take it on...
Retro - TV Radio
Retro - TV Radio Fisher-Price 1703-6First introduced in 1959, the Fisher-Price TV Radio has delighted children for generations. Wind the knob to hear the endearing "Farmer in the Dell" melody while whimsical scenes scroll across the window of the brightly lithographed case. Product Dimensions (inches): 6.5 (L) x 7 (W) x 0.5 (H) Age: 18 months and up
Retro See N' Say The Farmer Says
Retro See N' Say The Farmer Says Fisher-Price 2070-4Learn about 12 different animals and the sounds they make! Just point the arrow and pull the chord to hear their sounds. Hours of fun for any little one! Since 1930, Fisher-Price has been in business to create toys that fascinate and stimulate a child's imagination. Ages 18 months + Measures 9" x 2" x 10"
Sounds For Silence Premium
Sounds For Silence Premium The First Years Y7352A2An innovative good night sleep solution for baby and parent, The First Years introduces the Sounds for Silence Sound Machine. Unique to this product, the machine features custom sounds developed by Pediatrician Dr. Harry Zehnwirth. Tested with crying babies, the sound machine continuously achieves a 90% success rate in soothing babies. When baby cries, Mom turns on the machine and quickly the soun...
Tambourine Halilit MT604-4Quality multi-colour Tambourine, with 3 pairs of jingles & transparent skin. Produces an excellent sound.
Tambourine Kido K10437Give it a shake to hear a rattling beat. The round shape of this percussion instrument, with its brightly colored geometric design, is easy to hold for young budding musicians. Each jiggle will help get kids dancing while encouraging auditory development.
Tempo Music Set
Tempo Music Set Kido K10445Taking hold of the easy-to-grasp handles, toddlers can discover and learn about different musical sounds. With a simple shake, small hands can ring a bell, click a castanet and rattle the tambourine cymbals. Where to Buy Dimensions: 2.75 × 5.25 × 5.75 (one piece) Share
Thomas & Friends Wooden Whistle
Thomas & Friends Wooden Whistle Schylling Toys TWWThis sounds just like an authentic train whistle. Now wrapped with Thomas Art it has the perfect appeal to the Thomas & Friends biggest fan. Ages 2 & up. Measures 8" long. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY
Tube Shaker
Tube Shaker Halilit MP10216Perfectly sized for small hands, this shaker can be used as a rattle or as a baby-sized rainmaker! Each sold separately. Ships in randomly selected, assorted colours according to availability. Pink, Blue, Green Measures approximately 3.25” long x 2” wide.