Eco-Friendly Products

This category features Bisphenol-Free (BPA) plastics, glass bottles, steel bottles, chlorine-free diapers, gentler soaps, organic clothing, and other products which are, in some way, and according to manufacturer claims, easier on our environment. We invite your comments and suggestions on products you would like us to carry.

No Spill Cup with Handles - 10 oz
No Spill Cup with Handles - 10 oz Nuby 539446BPA Free This is the best selling no-spill sippy cup made by Nuby. You can practically hang these cups upside down and nothing will spill out of them. These cups come with the new no spill silicone spout, which makes it much easier for your baby to transition from bottle to sippy cups. There are no messy valves in these cups either, making them much easier to clean. These cups come with handles...
No Spill Cup with Soft Spout
No Spill Cup with Soft Spout Nuby 538901BPA Free Soft sipper spout on this beginner cup releases liquid only when your child sucks, eliminating messes With a contoured shape that's easy to hold, this cup makes the transition away from the bottle easy Valve-less, leak-proof design made of non-toxic, break-resistant plastic One per pack Assorted colors