Eco-Friendly Products

This category features Bisphenol-Free (BPA) plastics, glass bottles, steel bottles, chlorine-free diapers, gentler soaps, organic clothing, and other products which are, in some way, and according to manufacturer claims, easier on our environment. We invite your comments and suggestions on products you would like us to carry.

Basically Bare Everywhere Balm 30G
Basically Bare Everywhere Balm 30G Dimpleskins Naturals 22105-100% Natural Basically Bare Everywhere Balm Unscented, "everywhere" balm for the entire family, on the entire body. 30g, Contains: pure beeswax, coconut oil, Apricot kernel oil, organic Jojoba oil, organic Calendula infused Sunflower oil, cocoabutter, vitamin E (tocopherol)
Bum Bum Balm
Bum Bum Balm Dimpleskins Naturals 339... ZINC-FREE! Apply to diaper area at each diaper change. A must in every diaper bag and an excellent choice for cloth diapers. Learn the reason why we do not use zinc oxide! Pure, unbleached, Canadian beeswax provides a nice barrier on the skin, helping to keep moisture away, while organic Calendula oil provides natural healing properties for rashes. Ingredients: Coconut Oil, pure unbleached ...
Cradle Me Scalp Rub
Cradle Me Scalp Rub Dimpleskins Naturals 34519 g. A perfect remedy for cradle cap. Contains a creamy blend of oils that work wonders to soften, moisturize and lift dry cradle cap scales. Apply 100% natural 'Cradle Me' over cradle cap area and let absorb for several hours. Once scales are softened, slough off with a soft-bristled baby brush and shampoo hair with Dimpleskins Naturals' Avocado Soap. Repeat as often as needed. Ingredients: Pa...
Sniffles for Kids Eucalyptcus Rub
Sniffles for Kids Eucalyptcus Rub Dimpleskins Naturals 342Perfect for those cold winter months. Eucalyptus Lemon, Myrtle and Rosemary essential oils add a warm feeling to this 100% natural Aromatherapy Balm. Apply Sniffles to your child's neck, chest, back, under the nose and soles of the feet as needed. Ingredients: Coconut Oil, pure Beeswax, organic Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Cocoabutter, Vitamin e Oil, essential oils of Myrtle, Eucalyptus Lemon ...