Eco-Friendly Products

This category features Bisphenol-Free (BPA) plastics, glass bottles, steel bottles, chlorine-free diapers, gentler soaps, organic clothing, and other products which are, in some way, and according to manufacturer claims, easier on our environment. We invite your comments and suggestions on products you would like us to carry.

Bigger Bites Divided Plates - Pink & Purple
Bigger Bites Divided Plates - Pink & Purple Kinderville KVDPGBacteria resistant and easy to clean Great for holding solids and liquids Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe Safety tested Includes: 2 divided plates in pink and purple color
Bigger Bites Storage Jars
Bigger Bites Storage Jars Kinderville KVBJLike our classic little bites jars, these bigger, portable silicone jars provide a safe and easy option for storing and heating your kid's edibles at home, school or on the road! No need to pack your kindergartner's or big kid's lunch in toxic plastics. Unlike plastic, bigger bites storage jars are bacteria resistant and most importantly, BPA, Phthatalate and Lead free! These stylish jars com...