A-Z Letter Links
A-Z Letter Links Sassy S80048- Inspire touch - Bold, bright colors - Provides interaction opportunity for caretaker and baby - Enhances brain activity - Meets all current toy safety standards
Electronic Keys
Electronic Keys Sassy 80158R3FF-FRAge: 3+ months Variety of dynamic sounds Multiple textures to explore High-contrast and rich, bold colors to visually engage baby Developmental Insight By 6 months of age, baby will recognize and start to respond to his own name. He will also begin to discover his own voice through babbling and other fun baby sounds. Interaction Idea Show baby how to shake the keys to...
Ring 'O Links
Ring 'O Links Sassy 80044R3-FRAge: 0+ Months High-contrast black and white ring Bold, saturated solid colors Multiple textures to explore with hands and mouth Developmental Insight Skin contains more than 100 types of receptors sensitive to touch, temperature, pressure and pain. Skin is the body's largest organ, and its sensory receptors are the earliest to develop prenatally.
Shake & Rattle Pop Beads
Shake & Rattle Pop Beads Sassy 80393FF-FRInspire Exploration Age: 6+ months 15 piece set 12 colorful textured soft plastic pieces Three clear beads with rattle inside Promotes sense of wonder and imagination Developmental Insights By 6 months of age, babies who have explored an object with their hands alone also can recognize it by sight alone. The pop beads develop baby’s thinking skills because of i...