Appliance Safety

Avent Isis Via Breastpump Kit # 577

3M Guardian Stick on Safety Lock
3M Guardian Stick on Safety Lock The Door Guardian TGSL-WThe 3M Guardian Stick on Safety Lock is an easy-to use, easy-to-install, cost effective childproofing solution for doors inside the home. Tamper proof, with no screws required to-install; The 3M Guardian Stick on Safety Lock can quickly and effectively provide childproofing solutions for outward swinging doors, cupboards, appliances, liquor cabinets, and more. Spring loaded, it is easy to engage a...
Cabinet Multi Lock
Cabinet Multi Lock Dreambaby Safety Items L126Helps prevent children from opening cupboards, cabinets, refrigerators...Also suitable for corners and curved surfaces.
Childproofing kit
Childproofing kit Kidco S2002A simple solution for securing baby’s world. The KidCo® Childproofing Kit contains home safety basics that will help make it easy for parents to get started on the safety path. Each kit contains: 4 Soft Corner Protectors, 1 Sliding Cabinet Lock, 2 Flexible Strap Locks, 1 Finger Guard, 4 Swivel Cabinet Locks, 20 Outlet Caps, and 2 Door Knob Covers. (34 piece set) 4 Soft Corner Protectors: of...
Clearly Safe - Stove Knob Locks  - 5pk
Clearly Safe - Stove Knob Locks - 5pk Kid Kusion 2403-12Don't touch that! Gas stoves present an obvious danger, but electric stoves get hot too.Wandering toddlers are curious and like to turn knobs. Use our Clearly Safe Stove Lock to prevent your stove knobs from turning. This patented design fits behind your stove's knobs and actually dials in and out as needed for you to operate your stove. If you think about it, you need to push your stove's knob...
Fridge Guard
Fridge Guard Parent Units 0+Help keep toddlers from opening the refrigerator and put an end to unnecessary spills or worse broken glass from falling jars. To open, just push door handle in and then release the latch. Also works for dryers and other appliances. Installs easily with special heavy duty mounting adhesive. Select clear or white
Multi-Purpose Latches 3 Pack
Multi-Purpose Latches 3 Pack Dreambaby Safety Items L186 -6Dreambaby® Multi-Purpose Latches can be applied to cupboards and cabinets and keep your children safe from harm in any room of the house including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, garage and living areas. Adhere safely and firmly to surfaces such as glass and mirrors, laminated furniture, cabinets, varnished wood, timber veneer and metal. Easy for adults to operate - gently pull strap o...
OutSmart Multi-Use Lock
OutSmart Multi-Use Lock Safety 1st HS2700300-6Curious kids try to get into anything and everything, but the Safety 1st OutSmart™ Multi Use Lock helps you keep them out with the first ever decoy button. Your child will think that the decoy button opens the lock, but pushing on it has no effect. You’ll know that the flexible surface hides the actual secret to opening the lock. This multi-use lock prevents your little explorer from getting in...
Oven Front Lock
Oven Front Lock Safety 1st 48408Helps keep children from opening oven door. - Updated universal design - Durable and heat-resistant
Oven Lock
Oven Lock Safety 1st 00241Keep your kitchen child-friendly! This secure lock helps keep the over door closed to children. - Heat-resistant design - Easy for adults to use and install
SecureStick Appliance Lock
SecureStick Appliance Lock Kidco S340• Part of the SecureStick line of adhesive mount home safety products • Installs instantly and locks automatically • Use on refrigerators, freezers, ovens and more
Stove and Oven Knob Covers 5 PK
Stove and Oven Knob Covers 5 PK Dreambaby Safety Items L730-6 Keep your children from playing with the stove and oven knobs with the Dreambaby Stove and Oven Knob Covers Pack. The Dreambaby Covers are easy to install and come in a pack of four, so that you can ensure all those knobs are protected from exploring hands. Easy to Install Simply take the knobs off, place the Covers around them, and the knobs will be protected from wandering hands. Takin...
Stove Guard
Stove Guard Prince Lionheart 0089Stove Guard puts a barrier between your child's fingers and stove top hazards - hot pots and open flames. Molded of heat resistant polycarbonate plastic. Stove Guard adjusts to fit stoves 24" - 36" wide. Removes easily for cleaning.
Stove Guard
Stove Guard Kidco S322• Helps protect children from accidental scalds and burns • Side panels add extra stability and security • Will not melt like plastic guards • Adjustable size - Easy installation • Adhesive-backed clips allow easy removal for cleaning Fits up to 32" wide stove Color: Black
Stove Knob Covers
Stove Knob Covers Kidco S323-6The KidCo® Stove Knob Covers provide protection from little ones turning stove knobs. Non-adhesive installation and easily removable for cleaning. KidCo’s new stove knob covers are offered in charcoal to compliment today’s home décor trend. Perfect for any décor or style Hinged cap for ease of removal Universal size accommodates most stoves Muti P...