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Parent Feedback says kids are potty training 2 months faster at minimum!
Save hundreds on diapers and save the environment with less diapers in landfills!
Kids use the big potty faster so no cleaning separate potties everytime they go
US Mom Invented and Made in Oregon!
25.25"wide X 18" deep X 8.25"tall

For all the years when those little legs don’t reach the floor. The Little Looster™, a booster for the Loo is about to change the way we potty train. The perfect potty stool.

As an extension of the toilet, the Little Looster never needs to be shuffled around the bathroom. All grown-ups can use the toilet while standing or sitting without needing to move it out of the way.

This nifty, fit-around-the-toilet stool is the perfect boost for your child when using the potty. Unlike other stools that may get in the way, this one fits right under the toilet, so you won't need to move it in and out of place before and after every use. Perfect for your little guy (or girl) who is trying to master going to the bathroom all by himself. Plus, the wrap-around design allows your child to place his feet where he feels comfortable, making for a much easier bathroom experience. Less clean-up, less clutter – a potty-training tool that's great for all working moms. From Working Mother.com


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