Take Me Everywhere 2-Sided Tote - Starfish | Fish

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A star is born and shining in Abalone Aqua. Make a wish, do a flip and reel in Line-Pulling Lime for the prize. This durable tropical sea themed tote bag features a beautifully embroidered starfish on one side and a tropical fish on the other. Take a peek inside and you’ll see a lovely lime lining and a large pocket.

Our two-sided totes are made with a 100 percent cotton canvas exterior, have a smooth lining with a single pocket, a soft rope handle and adorable embroidered designs on both sides.



2-sided tote design

100% cotton canvas

Super soft rope handle


100% polyester

Large pocket

Colour: Pink


Tote: 12" H x 4.5" D x 15" W

Pocket: 7" H x 7" W


Side 1:

Embroidered image: Starfish

Tote colour: Aqua

Side 2:

Embroidered image: Tropical fish

Tote colour: Lime

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