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The strong and sturdy Qdos Crystal Pressure Mounted gate meets the very tough requirements of the European Safety Standards, as well as the US and Canadian Safety Standards. Many other gates on the US and Canadian markets would not be able to withstand the European testing.

The Crystal gate combines the strength simple eye catching beauty of high grade Acrylic to offer this unique top end safety gate.

The magnetic level helps you keep the gate perfectly positioned during installation.

The AccuInstall Indicators™ make installation easy and most importantly provide peace of mind that the gate has been installed correctly.

The SecureHold adhesive wall cups are necessary to use with the Crystal Pressure Mount gate in order to get a secure installation. Installing any pressure mount gate without wall cups is simply not safe, regardless of gate model or location. Adhesive only installation is only recommended for installation in a painted door frame, a painted framed opening, OR a painted & smooth drywall. In any other situation you must also use the included screws.

The wide 23” (58.5 cm) door on the Crystal gate is easily pushed closed and the At-A-Glance Indicator™ on the handle confirms that the gate is properly locked and secure.

Quarter round moldings normally make proper installation of a pressure mount gate almost impossible. Our unique QRF Spindle™ goes over the quarter round molding and allows for a perfect installation.

All pressure mount gates have a connecting bottom rail that creates a tripping hazard, especially at night. To help minimize this hazard, we have the NiteSafe™ Glow in the Dark strip illuminating the bottom rail. Qdos recommends never using any pressure mounted gate at the top of the stairs.

We have included two extensions so that you can secure your gate between the opening sizes 29-37”

This gate can fit openings from 29” up to 48” (76 - 122 cm) by the addition of up to 6 extensions. Two extensions are included and additional ones are available as accessories.

Pressure mount gates have a bar that runs across the bottom. This is a tripping hazard therefore, we recommend NEVER using ANY pressure mounted gate at the TOP of the stairs.

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